Armenian Inventors

Prometey Bank Annual Report 2013

Armenian Inventors

Client: Prometey Bank
Date: June 2014

Service: Editorial Design
Category: Annual Report

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Having a rich heritage not only in cultural spheres but also in scientific field, we have highlighted the persons who have invested huge contributions in world’s scope of inventions. The inventions done by Armenians who have been somehow hidden and unknown all this time.
We developed unique and original illustrations for each chapter of the annual report. The best way to present the inventor and the invention together was illustrating them in interaction.

The annual report was conceived to be an imaginary magazine, where the inventors are presented as the covers heroes and the illustrations include the numbers of the patent claim of the mentioned invention.

The same idea was implemented on the main cover of the report where the Bank’s opening day is shown. The added drawings on the illustrations pages became a manner to present the diagrams of the Bank. The main cover is worked out with the icons in isometric space that depicts the inventions.
In result, we have a project, which became not only a report but also an informative magazine about twelve prominent persons who made an invaluable contribution to the history of inventions.