Bzzz honey


Bzzz honey

Client: Artur Khachatyran
Date: 2010
Service: Packaging
Category: Honey

Bzzz – a brand that speaks for itself.

Local honey manufacturer set the assignment of developing a name, logo for a quality natural honey.
Above that, we were asked to develop a packaging for not-anyhow-distinct glass jar. The only desire expressed by the client was to visually depict the multifloral (more than 600 flower) origin Aof the honey, which happened to be the point of difference for the product.

With nature being our reference library, we began to explore the world of bees. That’s how the brand name was created and the logo was sketched resembling the natural buzz and bee waggle dance. After refining the logo we moved to packaging.

Multifloral origin of the product served as the key concept for label design. Yet we didn’t stop there. We wrapped the entire jar in paper and came up with hexagon-shaped gold-covered cupboard containers. Placed next to each other, the boxes make an impression of honeycombs. To open the jar, one should first of all unwrap the perforated paper and read the honey production story on the reverse side. Please note that the label opening movement is also aligned with the brand concept.

Brand and packaging presentation resulted in immediate approving reaction from the client.Together with the logo, the packaging design won a number of design excellence awards.