Gawatt Emotions

Gawatt Emotions

Client: Artur Danielyan
Date: April 2014

Service: Promo Packaging
Category: Promo material

After the successful launch of the brand Gawatt, our client decided not to rest on his laurels and promote his brand by using promotional packaging. In this particular case, we chose disposable cups as a means of promoting the brand.

We created four various personalities in style of coffee shop without going far from the insight of the brand to give customers a great bunch of positive emotions with just a cup with smile.

The interesting and catchy part is that it is created in a way that changes the emotions of the face depended from the touch of the sleeve. There are three different emotions printed inside each cup which are eyes and mouth. The outside part let us see only one of the three emotion faces depending from its position in the cup.

These cups will be delivering the essence of the brand and will induce consumers to buy more. Cups were to pass the main concept of the brand: we do not only sell coffee, but positively charged emotions, enough for a whole day.