From Meadows to Kitchen – Grandma’s Secrets!

From Meadows to Kitchen – Grandma’s Secrets!

Client: GIZ
Date: 2013

Service: Editorial Design
Category: Book, Calendar  

Grandma’s secrets from meadows to kitchen.  

The purpose of creating the cookbook the preservation of Armenian culinary recipes. Wild herb recipes were gathered throughout Armenia.
We created a character of Armenian grandmother-botanist, who devoted her whole life to investigation of wild herbs of Armenia and generously passes on her rich experience to future generations.
Cook book execution style as well as authentic decorations leave an impression of a handwritten dairy of the grandmother, thereby facilitating the contact establishment with the readers and drawing them into the archives of culinary masterpieces. There was also created a calendar in the same atmosphere as the cookbook.

And also above all, a spoon as a gift from the grandmother!

The cook book was printed disseminated free of charge to serve its mission of Armenian culinary traditions preservation. The Cook Book was recognized as the best editorial among GIZ Worldwide.