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Ani Product




This is our 3rd project with our partner, a dairy producer ANI product, who this time aimed to launch a new line of butter-based ice creams.


This type of ice cream is widely spread and talked about, so we were challenged to find an intriguing new way of presenting it to the consumers.


Knowing that the majority of ice-cream lovers is the young generation, especially children, we decided to choose an educational approach for the packaging. Imagine a packaging as a study board that would tell about remarkable individuals, who have lived before and have brought major changes in culture, science, cinematography, business, and other spheres. So we personalized the ice cream and illustrated 9 important characters from different spheres, such as Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Steve Jobs, Salvador Dali, etc. Thus, we gave the opportunity to the ice-cream lovers to choose the favorite character. Avoiding making these characters too realistic, so that the customer doesn’t have the sense of eating them, we have illustrated the imitative images of these characters without face lineaments. Instead, we used hair, glasses, moustache and other characteristics to create resemblance with these personalities. The stick of the ice cream serves as the neck bearing an accessory or clothing, which helps easily associate with them. Nonetheless, we mentioned their names underneath the packaging, so that if someone didn’t recognize them, would go and study about these prominent figures.

On the front of the packaging there is a signature resembling handwritten text, which illustrates a celebrity communicating with the customer in the local language: “You love a good Eskimo too, right?” The logo and the text were chosen to be black in order to clearly pop out to the eye and make it easily readable on a white matte background. Although the product is one, it allows us to enjoy it differently, each time offering the accompaniment of a new legend.

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