Client: “Ashtarak Kat”
Date: 2010
Service: Packaging
Category: Dairy product

iScream brand was introduced to the market with five-flavor range – strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, watermelon and condensed milk. Where there is a whole abundance of choices even from one manufacturer, an eye-catching packaging should play the core role.

Ice-cream refrigerators are impulse-purchasing area where one brand is next to many others and that’s when product packaging is the only media to communicate the brand essence.

Firstly, our team experimented with good calligraphy to make the wordmark vocal. Then it was necessary to address the product taste range and bringing it to the forefront. We started to gauge which should be more prominent – wordmark or product flavor.

Design with fruit photos on it emerged as client’s favorite for its appetizing look. Proposed approach of the brand positioning was wholeheartedly embraced both by the client and the target audience.