Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan

Messier 53

Client: Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan
Date: 2017
Photography: Backbone Branding
Service: Branding, Packaging, Interior
Category: Hotel Branding
Architect: Hayk Khachatryan, Hayk Voskanyan
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Messier 53 (M53) is a boutique hotel with 53 rooms, named after a French astronomer who was the first to compile a catalog of astronomical objects. The main essence of the brand is the spirit of discovery that takes you to a mystic journey through the universe. 

The hotel has a strong fundamental concept, which is expressed in its architecture and brand identity. The architecture of the building was the main inception of the branding concept. The construction reminds of something unearthly and looks like a space station. Therefore, the same idea has been implemented in the interior design, as well as the branding visualization.

Special branded signs including the hotel directions and room numbers, as well as the floor numbers, lobby bar and the spa attractive wall graphics have been created to transfer the mystic mood of the universe and give people a pretty good idea of the brand from the first sight and strengthen the special character of the hotel. These graphics with their mystic universe colors and super sleek materials mixed with natural elements depict the lines and numbers from the galaxy.

 We wanted the brand to live and encounter it in the daily lives and environment of M53 to effect on guests’ thoughts and emotions, and raise the spirit of discovery.