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The client needed a brand for his line of jam, that is produced in Armenia, a country blessed with a beautiful landscape. Armenian fruits are known to be particularly advantageous in terms of their bursting flavors and wide variety due to the favorable conditions of the Nature from which they come. However, despite all these advantages, the country remains an undiscovered land to a very big number of people.


Therefore, our challenge when creating the branding and design for this line of jam was not to only make the product appealing but also to use the fruit that comes out of the Armenian Nature as a way to show the Nature itself. Because after all, the fruit would not have been there without the soil, the land and the water that produces it.


This is the reason why we have come up with a line of colorful and lively illustrations, each depicting landscape scenery incorporated within the contours of the fruit that the jar contains. This way the fruit turns into a window through which we can observe the landscape of Armenia. As a postcard depicting Armenia’s Nature, we have gone one-step further with the help of interactive technology and animation and have turned our illustrations into augmented reality with the help of a specialized application called Arloopa. In other words, the still illustrations of Nature come to life in motion-filled imagery of plants and animals accompanied by realistic sound effects and narrated storytelling. In order to go deeper in representing Armenia not only visually but also auditevely, the animation is accompanied by the unique melodies from the master of Armenian folk music the composer Komitas. The music that was written for Armenia by Komitas fits perfectly with the visuals, helps to set the mood even more, and acquaint the viewer with all aspects of the Armenian culture. This Augmented Reality experience and the transcending musical notes that emerge from the application would invite the looker to jump right into the landscape, break into the scenery, and get a firsthand experience of the Armenian fields, mountainous nature, enchanting lakes and flowery gardens. This is our way to give people a taste of Armenia and invite them to embark on the mission to actually visit the country and see it for real. As for the naming we have chosen an Armenian name ‘’Mrgastan’’ which translates to “The Land of Fruit” in English. Because what better way to pay an homage to the particular qualities of Armenian fruit, more than to name the land after it!

Musical Composition by Komitas Musical Performance by “Komitas Quartet”, Musical Pieces: “Yerkinqn Ampel e”, “Hoy Nazan”, “Shushiki”, “Chinar es”, “Shogher jan”, “Habrban”, “Qele-Qele” Musical Performance by “Hover” State Chamber Choir Musical Piece: Lusnakn Anush

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