Bar & Restaurant

Client: Pahest33
Date: December 2017
Photography: Emma Grigoryan & Backbone Branding, Pahest33
Interior Design: Archangel Architectural Studio
Service: Branding
Category: Restaurant

Pahest33 Bar & Restaurant is a new name in the city presenting a perfect combination of unique entertainment with restaurant and bar. Here the guests can enjoy quality food and variety of drinks with live music, weekly events, and performances by international top DJs.
The initial brief was to create an exclusive place, where everybody can relax, enjoy and have fun with friends or family. The location is directly in the city center, an underground place.

The branding of Pahest33 Bar & Restaurant started with creative concept development and naming, with a goal to come up with a unique idea for the city. Pahest is a translation of the word “warehouse”, which perfectly describes the place where people meet, share goods and ideas, get new emotions and spend their time. A place where it is possible to have everything in double or triple quantity: enjoyment, food, drink, pleasure…

Special elements have been designed to express the brand identity, such as abacus as a bill folder, sack as a reserved sign, variety of keys and locks stylized as a stamp printed on the menu, walls and etc.
In almost a year Pahest33 has become a must-visit destination for all the foreigners and a favorite location for locals.