Popok 3 International Advertising Festival

Veni, Vidi, Crack!

3rd Popok International Advertising Festival

Client: Popok International Advertising Festival
Date: 2012
Service: Identity

Popok International Advertising Festival is a bienalle held event in Armenia. Backbone was challenged to develop Popok 3 identity including the diplomas and as well as come up with a gift idea for judges commitee.
Advertising Festival is a creativity battle. With this in mind, we chose martial identity for the event, successfully deploying the festival brand name in the identity. Popok – is walnut in Armenian. We paraphrased the famous slogan into the identity theme and developed different military brand characters with a walnut as a base. More than 30 military characters of different time and national origin enriched the identity.

As to the judges’ gift, we decided to make it a very Armenian one with the constraining martial identity. Can you imagine what we did? We took the best and most famous Armenian walnut made food (except for cognac), applied appropriate martial-like wrapping and packaging and presented them in wooden military boxes.

The identity was greatly welcomed by the festival community. The reaction of the juries was a fascinating one: they were shocked to receive Armenian cognac in glass hip flask, sweet walnut shoujukh, chocolate covered walnut candies, walnut stuffed dried fruits, and walnut jam in military wrapping.