Prometey Bank Annual Report 2012

Prometey Bank Annual Report 2012

Client: Prometey Bank
Date: June 2013
Service: Editorial Design

Category: Annual Report
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A design that will save even one life is already an achivement.

Prometey Bank Annual Report 2012 design theme of the customer-bank was dedicated to endangered species inhabited on the territory of Armenia for providing publicity to the country’s nature conservation program jointly implemented with WWF.
When working on this project naturalistic approach with colored pencils technique was selected as having the most promise. By their execution, the animal drawings unwittingly attract attention to unfinished part thereby communicating the threat of extinction. Annual report graphics are shown with animal life cycle drawings.

We are rewarded for the fact that our work resulted in raising the public awareness on the impending extinction issue of several animals. The client opened a bank account for the contributions to the project as well as widely promoted the annual report among its customers, shareholders and a number of key private and public organizations.