Client: Ibari
Date: 2018
Service: Packaging
Category: Alcoholic Beverage

Rubin is a rich pomegranate wine with a brilliant red hue. The project is inspired by nature and has biomimicry principles in its base. The naming also recalls to gemstone ruby, which associates with the pomegranate seeds perfectly.
The packaging has a very strong conceptual design, which describes the product perfectly from first sight. The aim was to use minimum resources and get a maximum result by covering an ordinary wine bottle with a unique structural metallic paper box that also can be considered as its label.
Rubin has a constructional design with a round base and hexagon body, which end ins a triangle shape. If we line up the Rubin wines neatly, one next to the other, from the top angle we see a perfect structure, which completely fills the space, without any gaps, right like attached pomegranate seeds.
In order to create the right visual effects, a special printing technique was applied. As a result, we got deep ruby shades on matte-metallic paper with kind of holographic effect, which has specific reflections from different angles and imitates the sparkles of the ruby gemstone.
This labelbox project with its attractive visual effect has an outstanding shelf life, which effects directly on the merchandising strategy of the product and makes it stand out in the competition.