Project Type: Digital Campaign 

Being concerned with the future and irreversible global changes of our planet, we decided to raise the issue of protecting our planet once again

Spurred on by this idea, we designed a bottle that resembles our beautiful earth.

Plastic again? Yes, but digital.

Let’s face the reality – this is not only about plastic, but about a wrong mindset. We cannot completely replace plastic, but we can change our behavior by recycling instead of creating more waste. That is the message we want to convey․

It is symbolic that a plastic bottle has become an interactive canvas depicting the potentially deplorable changes to our planet if we continue to live in the same irresponsible way. The changes shown on the bottle include global warming, the rising sea-level, and as a result, changes in the world map from the shape we now know.

It is time to switch to conscious consumption, and treat our planet, our home, more responsibly.

“Save Me” – ”Save your Planet” – ”Save your Home”.