Client: Shabeeg Ltd
Date: March 2016

Photography: Backbone Branding
Photoshoot Campaign:
Emma Grigoryan “Thiternik”

Service: Branding, Packaging
Category: Clothing brand

Someone once said: “If the world was tea, Armenians would be the sugar”.
Having an age-old cultural heritage, our initial challenge was to make the new Armenian t-shirt brand depict its roots.

Shabeeg is the Armenian word for t-shirt, which is familiar to the people who live in Armenia and abroad – the Diaspora, and it is intentionally developed to sound for them. We believe they are the people who will spread the “sugar” throughout the world by becoming ambassadors of Armenian heritage through wearing Shabeeg t-shirts. It is filled with a mysterious spirit and is the exact naming to be accepted by the quite big part of its audience by symbolizing the brand product.

The brand logo also depicts this essential idea. We took a small ornament from a traditional Armenian carpet and pictured it in a pixelated art style. The logo design is recalling to the sun, as some of the pixels diffuse out like sunshine. The sun spreads its rays just like the brand ornament disseminates the Armenian culture with each of its pixelated bricks around the world.
The whole brand essence is constructed on the idea that the Armenian people, spread around the world, make it a sweeter and a better place.