Category: Confectionery, Tea

Photos by: Backbone Branding & Suren Manvelyan

What sweets do people in different cultures enjoy along with their tea? The love of confectionery is universal, though the variety from country to country is an unending discovery. The challenge we were given was to offer customers an opportunity to sample the types of sweets used in the tea-drinking ceremonies of different cultures.

Since tea is a social beverage that people enjoy with friends and family members, we chose a name for the brand that would express the idea of bringing people TeaGether for a tea time experience!

The design of the packaging draws immediate curiosity with its quaint wooden table and the lid in the form of a tablecloth laid out ready to receive guests for teatime. Every detail reflects the respective culture’s style – from the teapots and teaspoons to the chair styles and even the textiles. These designs, mingled with the fragrance of wonderful teas and sweets, offer a true global flavor experience.