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Packaging design


Dairy products






Taking into account the great variety of dairy products and its abundance on the retail shelves nowadays, eye-catching design and unique selling proposition of a product are an absolute necessity to stand out in the competition.


Now, imagine seeing a fully BLACK bottle on the all-WHITE milk shelf in the store. Introducing: “Unblackit”. “Unblackit” is a milk product presented in a transparent glass bottle wrapped in a black paper. Black-packaged bottle standing on a shelf next to the other dairy products sparks intrigue and pushes the customer to find out the mystery of a black bottle on the commonly all-white milk shelf. The intrigue continues when you take the product home and start unwrapping the bottle.


The stylized black spots appearing along the glass are intended to depict the same spots on a milking cow. The technology of it is perforated paper with sticky spots. The process of unwrapping or “unblackiting” is the last step of the packaging design that also becomes the naming idea of the product. The typography of the logo has also been developed to fit the same cow pattern style. Glass bottle was chosen as the best suitable option for containing milk. This is due to its superior ability to keep the product fresh, on top of its aesthetic appeal of transparency and crystal cleanliness.

As a result, we have created an interactive product with a unique customer experience. A design solution with a strong merchandising feature and game factor, as well as its unique form of presentation, gives the product the competitive advantage, used for successful introduction to the market.

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