Yan Sparkling


Yan Sparkling

Client: SIS Natural 

Service: Rebranding, Can packaging

Category: Juice, Sparkling

Photos by: Backbone Branding, Hayk  Manvelyan

 Yan Sparkling has been tasked to us again. This time we have adapted the Yan Sparkling design to its new packaging.

Yan Sparkling is a high quality juice in a unique bottle that has been a hit amongst customers. The appealing design and expressive logo, showing off a variety of flavors will now broaden its popularity as it flows over into new packaging, the 200ml can!

We have kept the original idea reflected in the previous bottled versions and got our “creative juices” working again, adapting those ideas to the new design for the can.

Buyers experienced the color and joy of delicious fruit practically squeezed into their bottle.

The life-like images of ripe, richly coloured fruit positioned as if hanging at the top of the can will instantly pique their interest as they reach out and pick them right off the shelf.