Yan Sparkling


Yan Sparkling

Client: SIS Natural 

Service: Rebranding, Can packaging

Category: Juice, Sparkling

Photos by: Backbone Branding, Suren Manvelyan


The project was implemented with the support of the EBRD Advice for Small Businesses program in Armenia and funded by the European Union under the EU4Business Initiative.

What do you see watching at the Yan Sparkling bottle? Exactly! It is a fruit in a juice glass.

Exploring the essentials of Yan Sparkling juice brand, we gave it this simple solution – the natural fruit is right on Your glass.

Making something like a trick, the real fruit put on the glass, transformed into an entire bottle which idea is completed with an expressive design, which transparent label shows the naturality and freshness of the juice. This product, rebranded from Siya to Yan Sparkling․