What if the equation were turned around and instead of seeking nutrition in a bottle of yogurt the buyers were seeking toys on a dairy products shelves.


Client: Ashtarak kat
Date: 2010

Service: Product design, Packaging
Category: Food, Dairy product

Yogu Mogu brand created to provide caring and concerned mothers with new choice of healthy and nutritional product for their children. We were challenged to create and tie a personage to the brand that would be appealing to 4-10-year old children.
Our approach went far beyond the brief requirements, exceeding the expectation of both the client and the audience. We came up with radical and brave proposition – not to tie a personage to the brand but to make a personage out of product packaging.

We spent a great deal of time experimenting with different personalities and ended up developing them with similarity to insects – lady bug, bee and dragonfly. Then we applied professions to them and designed their facial expressions to play off the characteristics of each profession they represented.
The implementation of the approach yielded a shift in products categories, blending a dairy product with toys. Toy containers became a genuine Point of Difference, delivering new positioning of yogurts and exceeding traditional expectations.

No more persuasive techniques are to be exercised by mothers as they were driven to the store shelves by the children. As to the healthful bottles, they are voluntarily and enthusiastically emptied to further become a good media for role playing.